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Teeth Cleaning

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Brushing and flossing can help keep the plaque at bay. But aside from personal oral hygiene, it is important to have regular teeth cleaning done by a dentist to keep your teeth in top condition. If you don’t have your teeth cleaned, you can still develop tartar that will lead to many types of periodontal diseases like gingivitis or even losing a tooth due to infection.

How Important Is Teeth Cleaning?
Having regular dental cleaning will cost you money but it will get you a lot of benefits.  Not only will it allow you to achieve that perfect smile, but it also helps you protect your overall dental health. Having white teeth and a brilliant smile is not the only thing you get from 
having professional dental cleaning. Didn't you know that dentists can detect any sign of oral cancer

especially during routine cleaning? Having your teeth cleaned will help with the early detection of oral cancer. Another benefit of teeth cleaning is that you also reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Many studies have indicated that gum diseases are linked to stroke and heart attack. Thus, the cleaner your teeth are, the lesser the risk for heart disease you have.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleaning?
And so, we go to the proverbial question of how often should you get a dental cleaning? Many dentists agree that it is best to visit the dentist every six months regardless of your oral condition as well as your oral hygiene habits. Although those who have severe problems with tartar or plaque buildup may be required by their dentists to visit more often to be able to treat their dental problems.
And while professional teeth cleaning is necessary every six months, it is crucial for you to practice good personal oral hygiene to prevent the buildup of products that are responsible for gum diseases.

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